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Our Story

Hi! My name is Jenna Harris-Hernandez, Founder and Chief Educator of the SEAL Group at JPAR. I established this group in 2020 shortly after resigning as the head agent of an Inc 1,000 investment firm where I did real estate across the USA. They all thought I was crazy. But I knew I had a calling to educate and advocate for REAL people doing real estate, not big investor-buyers. With a one year old boy, and this being our only source of income since 2013: I decided to put my knowledge to good use protecting consumers and putting them first. We took a risk to completely start over. And guess what? Business exploded!

Sadly, there is a HUGE lack of integrity in the industry. I created The SEAL Group to bring the industry's best experts into one place that also have the highest level of integrity. 80% of agents sell one to four houses a year, even the ones that still have photos from the 1980s ;) While those agents might have integrity, four houses a year is NOT expertise. The other side is there are a lot of experts that use their knowledge for their personal gain while the consumer gets screwed (and they don't even know it). We believe every consumer deserves the right to BOTH the highest level of education and integrity; along with knowing ALL the selling options available and ALL the buying options available in the entire marketplace. Complete transparency.

The SEAL Group is on a mission to shake up the real estate industry by providing real estate buyers and sellers information that empowers and educates. We give information and tools freely whether people hire us to represent them or not. We believe our mission is bigger than ourselves. It is time to kill the old way of doing real estate by providing all the options, all the transparency, and all the solutions in ONE PLACE.


So here's to YOU... our reason for existing. Our mission? Deliver the goal of the client with the highest level of education and integrity.


To Being Empowered,

Jenna and The SEAL Group

Options. Transparency. Solutions. 

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