A trained monkey can open doors for you. At the SEAL Group, we believe you don't need just an "Agent." You need an Expert. We match you with a local agent that is highly specialized to help you achieve your goals. We also have unique financing programs including private money and seller finance.  Contact us to have an expert fight for your next piece of real estate!


The old world of listings is dead. The good ole slap-it-on-MLS and get paid a million dollars for nothing: It was never good service and the public now knows better. You deserve to know what your house is REALLY worth and the difference in what an investor/cash offer can pay you vs for sale by owner vs MLS listing vs selling to our database directly of nearly 100,000 investors. Good news? We can offer you EVERY option with side-by-side comparison of what you pocket at the end of the day. You deserve Transparency and Options. Bonus: We have commission choices and some with ZERO commission!

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