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Most sellers hate real estate agents... and sadly: The industry has earned that hate. The days of slap-it-on-MLS, lowball investor offers, and commissions for nothing... are OVER. In the world of on-demand everything: Sellers deserve real choices and real experts.

To explore and learn about ALL available selling options for sellers, even selling on your own, click the link HERE to be taken to our seller webinar.

With the SEAL Group, we offer choices:

(1) We ethically buy your home in cash, quick close, flexible move out dates, etc

(2) Sell your home to an investor database of over 80,000 cash buyers and get the highest possible investor payday 

(3) Buy FIRST, then sell. Making your offer on a new home much more appealing to the seller because we help you remove the contingency of selling first; AND avoid the hassle of having to sell, buy and move all at once!

(4) List your home on MLS with a marketing platform that guarantees 100,000+ more qualified buyer-reach per month

(5) Hybrid: Build a custom plan using two or more of these options to maximize marketing reach and convenience.

Choose your commission plan, starting at 0%!

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