Sellers hate real estate agents... and sadly: The industry has earned that hate. The days of slap-it-on-MLS, lowball investor offers, and commissions for nothing... is OVER. In the world of on-demand everything: Sellers deserve real choices and real experts. 

With the SEAL Group, we offer choices ranging from :

(1) Sell your home in cash, quick close

(2) Sell your home to an investor database of nearly 100,000 and get the highest possible payday 

(3) Trade your home: Buy FIRST, then sell. Making your offer on a new home much more appealing to the seller AND no hassle of having to sell, buy and move all at once

(4) List your home on MLS with a marketing platform that guarantees 100,000+ more qualified buyer-reach per month

(5) Hybrid: Build a custom plan using 2 or more of these options to maximize marketing reach and convenience

Choose your commission plan, starting at 0%!

And as always our promise: We are always willing to walkaway from a deal to protect our clients.

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